Parisa Gazerani

Research interests

Dr. Parisa Gazerani is a health science researcher, currently acting as an associate professor affiliated to the Pharmacy program at the Department of Life Sciences and Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University. She holds a doctorate degree in pharmacy, a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences, and postdoctoral experience in neuropharmacology. Dr. Gazerani’s research interest falls within the fascinating field of neuroscience. She applies a diverse range of disciplines within basic and clinical investigations, health technology and innovation, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to provide mechanistic insights and target possibilities for the prevention and treatment of a broad range of neurological disorders including pain, headaches, neurodegenerative and other brain disorders. She is also actively involved in patient safety research, user involvement in health research, and an advocate of connecting evidence-based research and practice, and needs-led research in health science. Her research passion has been supported by several prestigious research grants, national and international awards, and resulted in more than 100 publications. In addition, her research work has been cited frequently. She is a member of several professional and scientific organizations within basic and applied neuroscience and consults for several pharmaceutical and medicinal device companies. Dr. Gazerani has made numerous presentations to academic and public audiences. She has served as associate editor of scientific journals, a peer reviewer, and evaluations’ committee member. Her research has been presented at many international conferences and featured in media.

Parisa Gazerani
Associate Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Life Sciences and Health Pharmacy Department


L239 Pilestredet 50, 0167 Oslo

+47 67 23 53 97