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Single-leg stance on a challenging surface can enhance cortical activation in the right hemisphere – A case study/Heliyon/2023/Khan, Haroon ; Qureshi, Nauman Khalid; Yazidi, Anis ; Engell, Håvard; Mirtaheri, PeymanTesting high profile skier ( world’s champion Alpine skier) regarding brain activation and balanceDesign of experiment, analysis and development of all of its content
Brain Connectivity Analysis in Distinct Footwear Conditions during Infinity Walk Using fNIRS /Sensors/2023/Khan, Haroon ; Pinto-Orellana, Marco Antonio; Mirtaheri, PeymanBrain Connecctivity of subjects walking with dfferent showearsDesign of experiment, analysis and development of all of its content
In vivo analysis of biodegradable magnesium alloy implant in an animal model using near-infrared spectroscopy./Journal/Year/DOI/URLMathew, Anna; Hassan, Hafiz Wajahat; Korostynska, Olga ; Westad, Frank; Mota-Silva, Eduardo; Menichetti, Luca; Mirtaheri, PeymanSpectral analysis using multivariate methods.Partial design of the experiment and all the data analysis and development and writing of the manuscript
The role of human experience when making sense of brain monitoring: an interdisciplinary case study to assess wearable, non-invasive, brain-monitoring devices for rehabilitation/Journal of Responsible innovation/2023/Risnes, Martha; Korostynska, Olga ; Mirtaheri, Peyman ; Berg, Arildpatient experiences with wearable, non-invasive, brain-monitoring devices in a rehabilitation context.Everything from concept to writing the manuscript
An Optical Modeling Framework for Coronavirus Detection Using Graphene-Based/Nanosensor/2022/Maghoul, Amir; Simonsen, Ingve; Rostami, Ali; Mirtaheri, PeymanA new optical sensory approach to detect corona virusConception of the idea and developing the simulation in addtion to the manuscript
An overview of assessment tools for determination of biological Magnesium implant degradation/Medical Engineering and physics/2021/Hassan, Hafiz Wajahat; Grasso, Valeria; Korostynska, Olga ; Khan, Haroon ; Jose, Jithin; Mirtaheri, PeymanAn overview of assesment methods that exist today for the degradation of magnesium implantsFrom idea conception to wrting the manuscript is from the group
Impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on physical activity and quality of life in adults with lower limb amputation. / Prosthetics and orthotics international. /2021/ Mellema, Mirjam ; Risnes, Martha; Mirtaheri, Peyman ; Gjøvaag, TerjeThe impact of inactivities during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown on amputeesFrom idea conception to writing the manuscript from the group
Estimation of effluent nutrients in municipal MBBR process /Linköping conference proceedings/2023/Komulainen, Tiina M. ; Baqeri, A. Malik; Nermo, Einar; Keprate, Arvind ; Saltnes, Torgeir; Jansen, Katrine M.; Korostynska, OlgaUsing sensory information to process wastewater in simultaneous biological processesSensory schemes and data processing
Relationship between level of daily activity and upper-body aerobic capacity in adults with a lower limb amputation. / Prosthetics and orthotics international /2021/ Mellema, Mirjam ; Mirtaheri, Peyman ; Gjøvaag, TerjeEnergy expenditure for adults with lower limb amputationFrom idea conception to writing the manuscript
Analysis of Human Gait Using Hybrid EEG-fNIRS-Based BCI System: A Review. / Frontiers in Human Neuroscience /2021/Khan, Haroon ; Naseer, Noman; Yazidi, Anis ; Eide, Per Kristian; Hassan, Wajahat; Mirtaheri, PeymanA review paper on hybrid EEG/fNIRS related to gait and balanceFrom idea conception to writing the manuscript